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19 Jun

That period after Jac’s diagnosis was tough. I did the initial survival techniques and was coping brilliantly! But after that rise came a massive fall. I felt tired. And unmotivated. And ostracised from everyone. No one can possibly know what you are going through unless something major has also happened to them (which is not something I would wish for anyone). The cloud that descended on me was huge. I wanted to be able to deal with everything as I normally would, but I was incapable. It was even too much to hoover. Some might say it was depression, and I wouldn’t disagree, but I also wouldn’t say it was. I was just down and unable to cope with anything other than the health of my family.

I don’t want to bring up this part of my journey apart from to say that my true friends came forward! And for that I’m very grateful. I did admittedly become a diabetes bore, but only because that was all I could cope with at that time in my life. Sorry friends! But other parents in the same position? It was bad for a while. It’s only now nearly to the day that I feel back to normal.

Which brings me to my other point. Prior to Jac’s diagnosis I was reasonably fit. I went to the gym 5 times a week and worked part time. We also have another son aged 7 (more on his story on another blog!) and we had also had a new litter of springer spaniel puppies to add to our house. We now have 2 Springer spaniel dogs, 2 boys, my husband works full time and I work part time. Unfortunately, with a small family, my gym has hit the dust. I no longer have a gym bunny body, and have a little more wobbly bits than I would like! I’ve recently started training on my new bike in the hopes that I would tone up again, I’ve done 40 miles in the last 3 days so fingers crossed my flabby bits will bu**er off soon!

On my next post I hope to touch on the support from Diabetes Uk ¬†family events and what happened after my dark time….