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Big Brother

19 Feb

It has come to my attention that it is not unusual in my house that we all pull together. This is incredibly noticeable with my elder son Meical, aged 8. Since Jac was diagnosed with his Diabetes 21 months ago (I can’t quite believe we are nearly at the 2 year mark…..what a lot we have learnt in that time!) Meical has been amazing right from the word go. He very quickly learnt how to check Jac’s blood glucose, under supervision of course, and would also be a third pair of eyes in watching Jac to look out for hypo signs. He has cleverly learnt how to count carbohydrates (it is necessary to count all carbs to  be able to dose insulin for food) He also has had to put up with various different behaviors from Jac, as when his blood is high or low he can get a little ‘temperamental’ shall we say!

It is very apparent how much we rely on him sometimes as often when we are driving in the car a mournful little voice will pop up from the back and say “Mum, I don’t feel well” This is our cue to test him there and then as it could be an indicator that Jac’s glucose may be high or low and he could need glucose or insulin immediately. Not such an easy feat to do the test and administer what you need when you are doing 70 mph on the motorway with no service station in sight! So then we pass over the medicine bag to Amazing Big Brother who tests, tells us the number and either sorts the jelly babies out or gives the correction insulin dose via Jac’s clever insulin pump. What a star! I often tell him how brilliant he is and I hope he knows it!

Enjoying the recent snow

My attention was also drawn this week as to how much Jac must be always conscious about his Diabetes. Last night when I went in to do one of his night glucose tests his blood was very high, so his glucose machine did it’s warning alarm to alert to the high reading. Jac stirred a little in his sleep, and murmured sleepily “Am I high or low Mummy?”

I replied ” You’re a bit high”

He responded  “Would you sort out the insulin Mum? I’m tired.”

“Of course I will darling, you go to sleep”

“Thank you Mummy, love you”

All this and he is still only 4 years old.

My gorgeous boys…..