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Normal Life

16 Jul

Playing just like they should be

For the first time in a year we have had an un-eventful few weeks! It is all down to the miracle insulin pump that Jac now has. He is now acting like a normal 3-year-old, with lots of tantrums, being happy and cheeky and funny and HEALTHY! His reasonably normal blood sugar levels mean that he is feeling normal 90% of the time although we do have the odd glitch with a high or low-level which could be due to a bad carbohydrate estimation on our behalf, or a funny time of day, or the wind blowing in the wrong direction! You get my drift.

This week I have been panicking about september. Now, I know that every parent worries about their child starting school, but multiply that worry by approximately a million percent and that’s where I am now! Jac will be starting pre school which is 2 hours every morning. We have met with the school and they seem quite eager to learn how to look after him, but Type 1 is not something in which they have experience so it will be a learning curve. This is fine, as I will be staying with Jac for the first week or so until they gain confidence with caring for him, and learning how to check blood glucose levels and how to watch for signs of a low-level. But my inner self is crying with fear about my baby being in someone elses care for 2 whole hours!!! Will they know that if he cries he may be low? If he is grumpy will they realise he is probably high? Or will they put it down to awkwardness and not test his glucose levels? My stomach is in knots about this next stage of letting go.

We have applied for funding for one to one care for Jac. This may not take effect in september as he is still not full-time and not the legal age for a child to be attending education. I am in the process of applying for the funding so that once he is full-time he gets the extra care he deserves. I don’t mean that the school wont take care of him, but I do mean that with a class full of children it may be hard to spot warning signs of Jac going dangerously low. It would mean at lunchtime that I wouldn’t come into school to give insulin, which I would never mind, but as he gets older he might not want his mum interrupting his school day! Also, if he gets the funding then the class get an extra pair of hands around to help out! I do think that Jac does have extra needs and until he is old enough to understand and deal with them then he deserves to be looked after and watched out for. Its funny, prior to Jac being diagnosed I would rather have hidden in a corner than spoken out about any issues I had. But since his diagnosis I am a Lioness. Strong, proud of my Sons and willing to fight for anything we need for Jac to have the education he deserves.

On another note, I hate talking about the weather, but bloody hell! I need some Vitamin D and sunshine! Enough torrential rain! Its bloody mid July! At least it’s not just Wales suffering this time, all of the UK is miserable. Come on summer, show your face…….!