Amazing kids!

23 Jun

Right from the start Jac’s brother Meical was amazing. When we had to stay in hospital Meical had to stay at his Nana’s house for the week but he knew how ill Jac was and he was very concerned. Once we had learnt to carbohydrate count the contents of meals and snacks  it wasn’t long before Meical also started to join in. He was able to calculate the carbs quicker than me a lot of the time! I had good maths at school (many years ago!) but these days it was all forgotten! However over the last year I have now developed a ‘Carbohydrate calculator’ in my brain. I can look at a meal/ snack and normally be very accurate on the carb content of it. Will I win an award for that? Probably not! I reckon myself and Meical deserve it though! Carbohydrate content is needed to calculate the insulin given for that particular snack/ meal so Jac can be dosed accordingly.

Meical is also very good at spotting Jac’s hypos, where he goes too low. He is able to check Jac’s glucose level and knows how to help him (he checks with us first obviously!) He has also taken a fair bit of hitting from Jac when his levels are too high and he is extremely grumpy. He has never once retaliated although it must be a pain for him. Jac does get told off and he does need to learn to control his temper, but it must be hard for him also feeling so high and irritable. They have an amazing bond together which I hope will remain that way for life.

It is now one year ago that Jac was diagnosed. What a year it’s been! It’s so hard to believe its been a year and how far we have come over that time. Jac was a very sick little boy, and now he’s a crazy kid who takes life with a good helping of positivity (along with the usual 3 years old tantrums, that boy has a big temper!)

In april of this year we attended a weekend run by Diabetes Uk. It is meant to help families deal with every aspect of diabetes. They run activities for the children, and workshops for the parents. The siblings are also included in all activities. It’s great for them to see other brothers and sisters with diabetes, and great for the children with diabetes to see others injecting and checking bloods.  I thought it was a fantastic weekend, although very emotional! It was so reassuring to meet other families and know that other people knew what you were talking about and how you were feeling. The children were looked after with mostly one to one care. Jac a little trouble settling in, but his helper was brilliant with him, even letting him play with his expensive phone to help cheer him up! Nothing seemed too much trouble for the staff and everybody seemed to enjoy doing their part. We hope to go again one day!

Our lives have changed over the last year, but for the last 2 weeks things have been looking great! Jac now has an insulin pump which is attached to him 24 hours a day with a cannula. It’s a great piece of technology which has transformed his quality of life. It has given him near perfect glucose levels for the last 2 weeks, so here’s hoping it will stay that way! More on that next time….

Have a good weekend everyone, I’m off out for a posh dinner, can’t wait!



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