Hello World!

17 Jun

Hello! Well, this is something that ive wanted to do for a while as my fingers were starting  to get itchy and needing to write……

Just to get started, I’m Emma. I’m 31 years old ( to my horror! Mentally I’m still 18 I’m sure!) I’m wife to Micheal and mother to Meical aged nearly 8 and Jac aged 3. We have a good family life and I love them all so much. On the 24th June 2011 nearly 1 year ago our lives were changed quite drastically when Jac (aged 2 at the time) got very poorly. Within the space of 2 weeks he went from being a relatively healthy toddler, to drinking loads, peeing everywhere(!!!) and being a totally grumpy little boy. I had thought maybe he had a bladder infection and luckily managed to catch a sample of urine (not an easy feat from a 2 year old as lots of you will know!) and proceeded to take the sample to the doctors. She dip sticked his wee and looked shocked (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a doctor look shocked, she tried very hard to cover it up, but I immiedietly was a little worried!)

We were blue lighted to the hospital, and the children’s ward couldn’t have been better. From what I’ve learnt over the the last year we were lucky in this respect. They very quickly diagnosed and dealt with Jacs diabetes. I say dealt, but for me that was the biggest journey I’ve ever been on in that week. We were told he would  have been dead in another 12 hours or so, and that he now had diabetes, and we would need to inject him at least 4 times a day(which in reality ended up being about 8 times a day to try and gain some sort of control over blood sugar numbers) plus the glucose checks every 2 hours through the day and also through the night while we tried to get used to things.

That week was pretty sh**e to be honest, and it didn’t help that on children’s ward (where we stayed for 7 days, that they did not allow the parents to eat!so, if your baby had to be there like Jac, you had to leave him on his own if you wanted to eat. Needless to say I lost 7 lbs (not a bad thing!) but was very hungry!

I would like to blog about our year since diagnosis, and hope to continue over the next few days/months to  help anyone  in our position.

All the best!



2 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Andrew June 18, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    My daughter was diagnosed on April 6th 2011, aged 5. She had a BG of 48 when they finally got a reading! She was only in for a night, then home. We’re not on a pump yet ourselves.

    Have you found the childrenwithdiabetes forum? There’s an email group for parents with toddlers with T1, many of whom pump and are very helpful / supportive of each other.

    Good luck with it all.

    • type1welshboy June 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I will be posting on pumps soon, Jac went on one a few weeks ago and it’s just settled down this last week, more info to follow!
      I’m on a few of the forums and find them very supportive, it’s so easy to feel isolated with all that goes on.
      Thanks again for reading!

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